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Visual Designer

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R/GA London

Identity and UI design for the Iota mobile application.

01 How does the product work

Iota built a physical Dot device which can be attached to physical surfaces and send notifications to any phone in the proximity. This was the notifications are relevant to the surroundings.

02 An app to manage your Dots

Different Dots can be places around the house and they can all be managed through the Iota mobile application. Which will locate, personalize and keep track of all the devices.

Once the Dots are located by the Iota app, the preferred Dot can be brought to the center of the carousel by pressing the top of the physical device. Once targeted, just drag and drop your Dot to the dotted line.

Dots can add up around the house, so they can be personalized by name, location and colour.

Your Dot is set up are ready for use. All the notifications are saved into the dashboard and it’s easy to switch to the other Dots or find new ones.