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Identity, Web and Product Design for Hoxton Analytic.

01 What the service offers

Hoxton Analytics deploys discreet sensors close to the floor that have cameras pointing across the ground. From this, it counts footfall with market-leading accuracy and gather demographic information (such as gender), based on the shoes falling within the field of view of the camera. This is proprietary, patent-pending technology, based on AI, computer vision and IoT technology.

One side the products deals strictly with numbers and statistics to come up with insights and behavioural patterns.

One the other, what the product detects goes way beyond simple footfall. This AI technology is able to reach a more human reading of the walking customers.

02 How to learn about the product

We designed an online platform for Hoxton Analytics to educate about the product and let customers learn how this will help their business, no matter if they are resellers, retailers or commercial real estate.

The website is a one page layout which leads the viewer into understanding the service, how it benefits different types of clients and what people who tried it are saying.

03 Dynamic Dashboard

The dashboard provides real-time insights on pedestrians and store visitors, including accurate people count and demographic profiling. Users can acces different overviews about the camera, visitors and facilities.